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Kamis, 18 Februari 2016

Linksys WRT54GL Firmware Download

Linksys WRT54GL Router Firmware Download. I purchased this router about three weeks ago to upgrade my Linksys BEFW11S4 802.11b router. The major thing I was looking for is the soundness. Thus far, this router has been superb, it hasn't dropped the connection but. It additionally appears this router has significantly better range than my earlier router. The product comes with a CD which has the set up advisor on it. As average, it is no longer good written. It has been more than 3 months on the grounds that I installed this router and i have never had any concern. This router has been in operation for 7 months and hasn't had any trouble in any respect. Not even a single reboot.

Download Firmware Linksys WRT54GL
This wi-fi router, besides assisting Linux firmware, is a demonstrated and true wi-fi router with 802.11 b and g support. It helps WPA, WPA2 and the older WEP encryption schemes. Furthermore, it has a built-in firewall, MAC handle filtering, and supports entry policies (akin to "do not permit FTP connections to this computer on Sundays"). Once I installed this wireless router, setup was once very easy (i didn't use the Setup Wizard due to the fact that it failed to work for me). I transformed the IP address range (since the DSL modem makes use of the 192.168.1 tackle area), set the administrator password, selected a name for the wireless community, enabled WPA2 encryption and picked a passphrase.

Linksys WRT54GL Router Firmware Download
Linksys WRT54GL Router Firmware Download

Download Router Firmware Linksys WRT54GL
After that, I connected my computer to the router proper away, and obtained an best signal and throughput of one hundred KB/sec (for evaluation, my DSL connection keeps a throughput of 300 KB/sec when I join straight to the DSL modem). I've been making use of the router for a number of months now, and have not had any dropped connections (my older Netgear router dropped connections really customarily and did not aid the newer WPA encryption scheme) and have steady throughput. The router has been walking regularly for these prior few months.

Download Firmware Router Linksys WRT54GL
For the true tech-heads, this router has personalized Linux firmware available from third parties. I have not tried this firmware, on the grounds that the base Linksys firmware greater than meets my wants. Subsequently, excellent security practices are to: trade the administrator password, disable common Plug and Play, disable faraway administrative access, use a exact identify for the access point, and if the network is only for a small number of individual devices (i.E. A laptop you own), allow MAC deal with filtering. A MAC address uniquely identifies a community card, so this simplest makes it possible for special desktops to entry the community.

Download Firmware:
Hardware version 1.0

Hardware version 1.1