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Linksys WAP300N WiFi Dual-Band N300 Firmware Download

Download Firmware Linksys WAP300N WiFi Dual-Band N300. You can use the wireless dual band access point Linksys to create a Wi-Fi network or to equip your existing wireless network technology performance N. You can also use it as a bridge to consolidate multiple networks ; as multimedia connector to connect various devices to your network (HDTVs, game consoles and other Internet-enabled devices); or as a signal amplifier to extend the range of your home network.

Firmware Download Linksys WAP300N WiFi Dual-Band N300
The setup is really super simple, small application provided on CD (Multi-OS) automatically finds the terminal connected to the local network. Simply enter a network name, select a wireless key and the frequency band to be used. (OR 2.4GHz 5GHz) This is the problem: I am in a saturated environment where there are multiple wireless terminals in 2.4GHz, which causes a low rate or cuts when I turn on my micro- waves (2.4GHz ^^) I wish to make the Simultaneous Dual band: 1) a broadband connection 802.11n 5GHz wifi on my MacBookPro / iPhone 5 / iPad Retina to avoid interference. 2) Keep the band 2.4GHz active for devices that do not support the 5GHz band (iPhone 4, 4S, ...) Now this terminal is not Dual band, it does not spread to both the band of 2 4 and that of 5. We must choose. 

Download Last Update Linksys WAP300N WiFi Dual-Band N300 Firmware

Linksys WAP300N WiFi Dual-Band N300 Firmware Download

Linksys WAP300N WiFi Dual-Band N300 Firmware Download
I placed it in a very big house at 6 floor. Each floor has its wifi router configured switch. The primary router is connected to these access points with gigabit cables. To give coverage to the back of the building via the CPL, this access point is connected to the router. More than 30 devices are connected in rush hour and all is well. Downside: If the access point may indeed be issued 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz, must indeed choose which band is used. The access point does not transmit simultaneously in both bands such as TP-Link routers. 

Download Last Update Linksys WAP300N WiFi Dual-Band N300 Firmware
A wifi box on the ground floor, my room upstairs at the other end, the wifi that did not work everywhere in my house. So I looked for another solution and found this great product :) the solution is that my house is cable Ethernet cable cat 5e (this is mandatory since 2010 in construction, Electricity Standard NFC-15-100). I just set every 8 strands of wall outlets because the phone up only 2 strands, then I set the arrivals of cables with RJ45 plugs. I connected the box and optical fiber, the TV box, the Xbox One of my son, and a Linksys WAP300N-EU I placed in the electrical panel. And the result is super: Excellent WIFI signal whole floor !!!. You want more ??? This product also configures to become: - an access point (use as I described: return the wifi signal of your box or it captures the evil, even if it's far from the box) - a wireless repeater ( if you want to strengthen the wifi signal not too far from your box, he picks up the wifi signal and sends it back, but we are not too far away from the box, otherwise it does not work). - wiFi access for a product that does not own but has an Ethernet port: the Linksys picks up the signal and sends it to the Ethernet port. Really, at this price, it is a GREAT product !!!

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