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Selasa, 08 Maret 2016

Wiko Lenny 2 Firmware Download

Download Firmware Wiko Lenny 2. The Wiko Lenny 2 Phone its easy to use. I did that yesterday but for now it suits me very well.  A five-inch screen (which is fine), light. Camera 5 mega pixels. For some, it will not be enough but for those seeking a friendly phone without having to spend too much, it's more than okay.

Firwmare Download Wiko Lenny 2
I counted one day replace my 3G IPhone ... 1998 (yes !! And there are some who do not change all the years !! ;-)))) and I found a coupon for this smartphone at a price "derisory" (FYI, LENNY 10 X 2 can be purchased for 1 IPhone 6 !!!). Admittedly, I was a bit skeptical at the time of purchase but saying only 80 € the end, I did not risk much !!! 

Download Firmware Wiko Lenny 2

Wiko Lenny 2 Firmware Download

Wiko Lenny 2 Firmware Download
So many words you ALL my satisfaction on this phone !!! Nickel screen, impeccable autonomy, maneuverability within the reach of a simple guy like me. That's very good, honestly !!! And then again, at that price, it's totally awesome !!! Just two small tips: 
- to open the back of the phone, slide your fingernail at the junction box / screen and walk around slowly, it opens itself !!! 
- insert immediately a micro SD card if you want enough memory 
Here !! For those looking for a nice smartphone, practical, nice and efficient, please !!! 
It's SUPER !!!!!

Download Firmware Wiko Lenny 2
I ordered WIKO because many people in Speakerto now, I'm not disappointed. 
by cons I find it a bit heavy. I buy this phone because I wanted a great phone, but cheap! This phone gives all the same opportunities that a more expensive phone! I took them in very good color pink! Just only minus the battery which does not let you activate 3g.

Download Here: