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Jumat, 17 Februari 2017

iPod touch 6G Firmware Download

Apple iPod touch 6G Firmware Download. I use the Ipod for my music library about match and for apple music. The iPod touch 6G is just great to use and can do everything you need to listen to music. The recharge time is also sufficient, although the battery had to develop first. I bought the iPod at MM because my old iPod 5 by a fall unfortunately no longer worked, now to the device itself from the optics ago has changed to the comparison of its predecessor hardly anything, it was only the button to attach to a waistband Removed, which in my opinion is even good as the complete device looks better and is also more resistant to water and dust. 

iPod touch 6G Firmware Update
iPod touch 6G Firmware Download

Is it useful to upgrade to iPod 6? Not really it is the one needs more speed through the new 64 bit processor. Conclusion on the whole a great device, who can not afford an iPhone but still an Apple product should have access to, from me a very clear purchase recommendation, and if you need iPod touch 6G firmware, you can download here is below. Enjoy

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