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AMD launches the Radeon RX 500X which is identical to the RX 500

AMD launches the Radeon RX 500X which is identical to the RX 500
Yes! You will resume a little renaming. Be aware: if you cross one of these days a Radeon RX 500X in the data sheet of a computer, this graphics card will in fact be exactly the same as a RX 500 any short.

The 2,304 Stream Processors. Base frequency at 1 257 MHz. Boost frequency at 1340 MHz. 8 GB of 8 Gb / s video memory on a 256-bit interface. This summary of data sheet is that of the AMD Radeon RX 580, but also - at the comma - the "new" Radeon RX 580X. AMD is once again renaming us in its range of graphics cards, just to make seemingly a breath of fresh air on products that have actually not evolved technically (or very little) since the RX 400 series.

That said, compared to the RX 400 series cards, the RX 500s benefited from at least a slight gain in power thanks to higher running frequencies. AMD spoke at the time of the benefits of a 14 nm burning process better mastered for GPUs on Polaris architecture, and some "refinements" very difficult to perceive. This time, AMD assumes it: "There is no material difference between the RX 500 X and non-X", openly explained a spokesperson of the brand to our colleagues at PCWorld. At the same time, how else? The data sheets do not lie.

Note that the Radeon RX 550X, 560X, 570X and 580X will not be marketed in the consumer market. These are indeed models that AMD intends to reserve for laptop and desktop PC manufacturers, who will not hesitate to display on their machines a nice sticker hit by an "X" extra, hoping that this is synonymous with novelty and superior performance in the minds of their customers. 
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